A Brave Day for Harold Brown by Mishana Khot

Mishana was promoting this book and I read the first few paragraphs online… I enjoyed these opening paragraphs,liking the style of writing and the way the author spoke to me, it felt familiar, as though a favourite storyteller was back. However,when I got to this line:

“Little did Harold know, a strange new wind was blowing that morning.”

– I knew there was something really enjoyable to follow. I contacted Mishana and she kindly sent me a copy to review, but be assured my review is completely unbiased.

Harold BrownI really enjoyed “Harold Brown” – I like the way the author described his very neat and ordered life, one he seemed quite satisfied with… and yet when I read the part about his childhood I could immediately get a sense of the stifled boy inside. A great description of how an event in your childhood will shape who you are from the inside, this can be good or can be a bit sad… Some things can be shut away, but they never really leave you.

Each character is beautifully described, and although there is little description about the gypsy fortune teller, the way her voice is written, gives a clear understanding of how very different she is to Harold. Harold’s reliable assistant, Mrs Springer, is a real sweetie… somehow you just know she’s the one you can talk to if you’re having a hard day.

The Tiger himself is beautifully described and matching Harold’s new found knowledge from his books, he offers the reader (or listener) a vivid picture of this majestic creature. The interactions at the circus are well described, and Harold’s inner turmoil is adorable! The scenes of Harold and the Tiger looking at each are quite lovely.
And by the way, a good book cover will often give you a sense of whether you’ll like the story inside – this is no exception – Bravo to the artist of the wonderful cover design.

I think this story would be lovely for a younger (primary school age) if read by their parents, or older youth to YA reading themselves. It is a simple story but told in a clean eloquent way that leads the reader’s imagination. It’s a very enjoyable story, I am more than happy to recommend Harry Brown to other readers.

I gave this 5/5 on Goodreads.  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23153267-a-brave-day-for-harold-brown  …  have a look for it here: http://www.amazon.com/Mishana-Khot/e/B00N8RHKXM/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

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