Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aids, by Deb Julienne

Sex Lies Beauty AidsA very enjoyable romantic comedy – from the opening words where you first meet Sabrina in all her hilarious glory, to the sweet ending that makes you go ‘Awwww’ this story is full of love and innocence, trust and mishap and is utterly absorbing. I was in fits of laughter in some parts, as Sabrina jumps in with both feet to be best she can be. Her dedication to her research for her column is only surpassed by her belief that she owes her reader the best advice. When she is dropped into the position of giving advice on love and sex she freaks out slightly, and proceeds to put herself into so many more crazy positions… oh dear, the face mask was one of the moments I was hysterical. A visit to an Adult Store was another – when someone quite innocent walks into a shop full of lingerie and sex toys, there’s going to be hilarious consequences.

I have always wondered how well twins could pull off a switch, and the situation here is so well described. The feelings she has for one twin contrasting with how Sabrina feels about the other… then getting to know the one she doesn’t like… or does she?  And sharing her feelings with one about the other… oh you know this is going to come back to bite her – but not in a predictable way.  Each scene has enough delightful detail, and hilarious hiccups to keep you hooked to the very end.

So how will Sabrina react to the lies, after all she hates lies of any sort. There is no excuse as far as she is concerned…

I like the way Deb interspersed the touching moments with a dash of humour, and in amongst those funniest situations she deftly added moments of intimacy.

Becoming intimate with someone is gentle and delicate. It takes subtle words and touches to build quietly and slowly, until it takes you quite by surprise and you realise the affection snuck in while you were looking somewhere else! Deb portrayed that very well in this funny tale about getting it right, getting it wrong … and getting even!

I am looking forward to reading more of Deb Julienne’s romances, this is the first in the Twisted Sisters Club Series – I can’t wait for the next one!


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