Tijuana Nights (Nights Series, #1) by Leigh K. Hunt

Tijuana NightsMack is back!

After reading London Dusk I was keen to see how Mack and her friends developed as characters… and by the end of this fast-paced novel I see them as people not characters :)

Totally absorbed – I love it when a book draws me in, and this one absolutely did. Mack’s character is human and believable, she wrestles with her conscience and I can identify with that. She has great friends that get her out of trouble, even though it’s mostly them that get her into trouble! After London Dusk I was keen to read Tijuana Nights… Now I’m champing at the bit to get the next one!!

The action scenes are well detailed and give you a very clear picture of what’s going on… suitably gruesome and violent to fit the people involved… and yet the thoughtful moments are delicate and finely tuned, and sometimes in such contrast, I think that’s why you slip inside this story. Depth but without gruelling epic portions.

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