The Big Egg ( a children’s book by Emily Gravett)

Odd EggWhat a delightful book to read to your toddler … if you don’t have one of your own then borrow a niece or nephew.
The illustrations are detailed and really quite beautiful, I love the way some pages were trimmed to show a sequence, very clever.
Very cute ending for duck and his egg …. and a gorgeous support cast of other egg-layers.

There are many elements that offer points for discussion: these include mums and dads (duck is a boy), what love is all about, waiting for something you really want,  and ways to show you care about someone – I love the scarf and shoes in the last scene.

Also perhaps, you discuss the “Nurture over Nature” subject, I think this could useful for parents of an adopted child, or perhaps for a “non-traditional” family, with maybe dads and no mums or what ever way your family is made up. No, there are no clearly defined sexist/gender roles… it’s a simple story that show a collection of Mum waiting for their eggs to hatch, along comes Duck who is later described as “he” who also wants a child.

I see some reviews have expressed concern over the ending…. I want to be clear that I think the ending was really sweet… and surprising for everyone. I can’t imagine a kid actually being scared unless the reader makes it so.


the Snap!! can be interpreted in lots of ways. I was more surprised by some reviews (warning that it may be scary), than I ever was at the baby croc hatching, but love wins out in the end.  (And in response to one comment I read  – no – it’s not correct for size in relation to the other creatures. Just get over it – it’s called artistic license :)

I give this gorgeous wee story 5 stars – I know my panel of experts would have agreed if they were still getting bedtime stories from me!

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