The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

Boy in Striped PJEveryone should read this. Absolutely Stunning. I was swept into this time and place, and saw the world through Bruno’s eyes… and felt all the emotions as he did. Until the end of course, then I felt what a mother would.

A boy Bruno’s age should be free to play – just as he thought, and did… this story shows how individuals can be swept along so easily by the currents around them. Even the characters that knew things were wrong did nothing to change it because there were expectation upon them.

Feeling the tensions mount, and understanding the deeper meaning behind some of the conversations gives the reader a perspective that perhaps the characters themselves would have wished to have. The story unfolds of course, to charged emotions and tragic consequences.

Beautifully written, raw and tragic, harsh at times but this is such a good read.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Kite_Runner_ThePowerful story. Graphic in so many ways but poignant and profound too. The graphic content is written is a very sensitive way, not that it lessens the effect, but it’s not graphic like a blood-fest movie is – it’s descriptive and takes you into the heart of the scene, leaves you feeling all those emotions. The horrors and violence in the environment around was justly described, and sadly, very true to life. The social structures and cultural differences, the politics that divided families and towns, and the conscience and heartache that travels across time and space, never quite leaving or relieving your mind…

Wow. This was indeed a powerful story, that was told so well. I read it a while ago now, and still feel this strongly about it.


Highly recommended

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