The Rhyme’s Library by Kristy Tate

Rhymes LibraryI really enjoyed this book :)

The characters each have their own quirks and the twists and turns to the storyline keep it interesting to the end. I like characters who have personality – and these really do. The reader is kept wondering about the motives behind many of the residents of the peaceful Rose Arbor… for such a quiet little town there is a lot going on, and isn’t that just like a small town, so many noses in so much business?

The history of Crazy Aunt Charlotte gives everyone lots to think about, the vulnerability of Blair keeps you keen and the intricacies of the neighbourhood give you laughs, creepy moments galore, and a couple of frights. The emotional pulls from the likes of Drake and Alec are well written and well, quite hilarious at times. Of course Poor Blair’s emotions get a bit of a workout, but from all the right causes. It’s not as though she’s a soppy girl – I thought it quite brave of her to go into the basement in the first place, and resourceful to climb onto the roof to save the kitten (good suspense), and to talk to herself about her fears seemed a very human thing to do :)  … I could imagine me doing that.

I like the word definition at the beginning of each chapter… sometimes it gave a hint about what was in store, and other times I wondered how would that word be incorporated into the story!

A very enjoyable novel.

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